Lease Advisory

Rent Review

We provide a comprehensive service to clients from the early stages of budgeting for lease events, reporting with recommendations on estimated value, timing, tactics and procedure, through negotiation and documentation of an agreement. We will strive to achieve the most favourable outcome for the client, either landlord or tenant.

Where it is not possible to reach a negotiated settlement, we will advise the client on the options available for dispute resolution and guide them through the procedure. With extensive experience of acting as Expert Witness, we are able to prepare expert valuation reports for a reference to Arbitration or Independent Expert.

Services provided by

Maggie Stobo


Lease Renewal

We have considerable experience in advising both landlords and tenants on the lease renewal process, including tenancies protected by the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954. With a thorough understanding of the lease renewal process, we are well-placed to advise on tactics and timing for the service of statutory Notices for contested and uncontested renewal leases, and to negotiate renewal lease terms. We will liaise closely with the client's solicitors throughout the process until the completion of documentation.

We aim to achieve the very best results through negotiation but where satisfactory terms cannot be agreed, the dispute may be referred to Court or decided under PACT (Professional Arbitration on Court Terms).  Maggie is experienced in acting as an Expert Witness, able to present evidence on behalf of a party in accordance with Directions.

The lease renewal process can be extremely protracted and costly. We will help clients to explore opportunities in advance of the lease expiry, to reduce uncertainty and/or to add value to an investment, by re-gearing or negotiating terms for a reversionary lease.